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i had an interesting night last night, and i still can't believe my good fortune.  i actually was able to buy an f3 fertile "c" male cat.  i know they are very rare, so i'm really lucky. 

i worked really late, and i was tired and pretty thirsty, so i thought i'd stop in at this restaurant not too far from dell.  it's called "joy club" so i thought it might be something like "dot's diner" except joy owned it and not dot.  i guess they don't pay very well, 'cause none of the waitresses could afford much clothing.   

anyhow, i was sitting there having a beer and eating a hamburger when this big guy came over and sit down right next to me.  first thing you know, he pointed out one of the waitresses that was jumping around and holding onto this big shiny pole, and said she was his "old lady".  she didn't really look all that old.  then he tried to get me to agree to go out on a date with her in exchange for some money.  he was really strange. 

i told him i couldn't afford to pay money to take his old lady out on a date because i was saving up my money to buy a cat. 

"pussy?" he asked?

 "no", i said, "a savannah."  he didn't know what that was, but he did say that if i went out with his old lady, she would go around the world.  that didn't seem likely with the small amount that i could afford to pay her. 

anyhow, he looked really strangely at me, and asked exactly what a savannah was.  so i told him.  i told him about servals and f1s and f2s and permissibles and fertile savannah males...i usually don't talk all that freely with strangers, but somehow, this guy seemed like an ok fellow...except for the nose ring, the swastika on his forehead and the leather jacket with the arms ripped off and the tattoos. 

after we had talked for a bit, he scooted his chair up real close, looked around the room carefully, and said "i can help you with that cat." 

i looked at him a bit askance and said, "what ever do you mean?" 

looked at him a bit askance and said, "what ever do you mean?" 

"that fertile male savannah...i have a friend who raises them." 

"really," i asked.  "why didn't you mention this earlier?" 

"i wasn't sure i could trust you.  these cats are really valuable, you know." 

i had to agree with him.  "yeah, i know...we paid $7,500 for a female last year." 

"well, my friend wouldn't want anything near like that much.  he's a really decent guy, and he's like been doing this for years, and he has some really valuable cats, but he's never sold any of them.  he'd probably sell you a really nice fertile f3 c male for around $3,000." 

i could scarcely believe my ears.  "really??" i asked.  "that's terrific." 

"yeah, this is a really nice cat.  say, he doesn't live all that far from here.  you want me to go get the cat?" 

"of course!" i said eagerly.  "sooner the better!" 

he must have parked in the back, because he went out the back door...by the dumpsters.  i guess about that time the help must have had to take the trash out, because i heard a lot of banging around, and then some cursing, and in a few minutes my new friend came in holding a cat by the tail and scruff.  his hand was bleeding.  i guess his buddy didn't live all that far away, because he was only gone around 5 minutes. 

"ok," he said..."here's your cat.  i was able to get him just before my friend caught the plane to venezuela.    he was in a hurry, so he said that he'd take only $2,000 for him." 

wow...i was going to save $1,000 on this deal, so i didn't waste any time writing a check out.  "what about papers?" i asked. 

"oh, he's going to mail those to you just as soon as he gets to caracas.  his computer is already there."  the cat had managed to twist around and grab his thumb.  he was really chomping down, and i could see that my friend was in a great deal of pain.  small beads of sweat formed on his forehead. 

"well, let's get him into my truck, while you still have a thumb.  or most of one."  i was so happy with my deal that i'm afraid that i smirked a bit.  so, we tossed the cat into my truck and slammed the door on him, and he immediately proceeded to ripping the seat covers up.  wrapping a towel around his hand and gingerly putting the somewhat bloody check in his pocket, my new friend got real close to me, and said..."here's the deal.  i gave you a cat worth thousands and thousands of dollars for only two thousand.  so you can't ever tell anyone where you got him from.  i simply can't afford to do this kind of deal for anyone else.  i'm not going to give you my name or phone number or address, because i'm a very private person, and i value my privacy.  the cat is a fertile f3 c male, you have my word on that.  are we clear on everything?" 

i nodded sagely.  i understood what it was like to do good deeds for people and not want public praise for it.  so, i thanked him profusely and left. 

i had to use a net, a lariat and a dart gun to get the damn cat from the cab of my truck into a run.  not only that, he smelled like a dumpster...don't know how that happened.  but i now have probably one of the very few fertile f3 c savannah males in the world. 

isn't he a beauty?

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