Available Bengal Kittens

We have some very nice Bengal Kittens available.  Most of these are selling as pets, but really, any would be suitable as breeders.  Figuring prominently in the pedigrees are our two Supreme Grand Champion males, both of whom were International Winners and Best Bengals the year we showed them.

Prices will vary based on  the quality of the kittens.

First are Amaya's kittens.  Click on the thumbnail, and you can see a larger picture.  Click on your "Back" button to come back.

  I didn't have a current picture of Amaya.  This is her with her first litter.  She had 6.  I've shown Amaya in a couple of shows, and she's a Champion.


  This is the litter that Amaya just had...There are 5
  JJ had 2 boys this current litter. This is the first one.  Nice colors, very dark markings.
  Another view of JJ's boy 1
  JJ's second boy...he's shy. 
  A better picture. Nice markings.  These are all nice, friendly kittens. 
  Melody had 4 kittens, all girls.  This is the first one
  Same kitty...another view 
  My plaster kitten goygoyle grew another head.  Or, it could be Melody's second girl.
  Another picture of girl 2.  She came out to play. 
  This is the third girl.  She has the best markings...I may keep her. 
  Another pic of girl 3 
  Melody's girl 4 
  Standing up girl 4. 

I also have a pretty little Snow kitten.  I haven't sexed it yet...but it's probably a male or a female.

If you want more information, you may call me at 512-658-7265.  My email is bengalsjim@gmail.com

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